This blog aims to examine various forms of media coverage surrounding education in conflict and post-conflict environments. Our goal is to objectively analyze several media sources on a weekly basis in order to provide a more comprehensive presentation of education in the given situation. Our team of five will provide detailed scrutiny of news coverage on a very relevant topic in the field of international educational development.

Please read about our bloggers below:

Evan Jansen


Evan Jansen is a M.S.Ed student studying International Educational Development at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a certified Secondary Social Studies teacher with experience teaching in the U.S., England, Thailand, and Colombia. Evan worked for an NGO in Colombia called Heart for Change as a Regional Program Coordinator implementing a nationwide English education program. Recently, he was employed by the Ministerio de Educación Nacional de Colombia in partnership with Heart for Change as the Director of Immersions. His experience in comparative education drives his motivation to improve program design with a specific academic focus on monitoring and evaluation practice. More information regarding his field work, personal interests, and previous blogs can be found on his personal website:

Nicholas Edet






Nicholas Edet is a Justice Studies major from Arizona State University. He had worked in many settings in Nigeria;  as a teacher in secondary school, and as a technician in many industries including Mobil Producing Nigeria Limited,  before emigrating to the United States.  He  is a MSEd student in Higher Education  at the University of Pennsylvania. He also has a Masters in Liberal Arts, MLA,  from the same university. Teaching and research are his goals for seeking a career  in Higher Education, where he hopes to use his experience and interests to help improve humankind.

Daniel Kimonyi


Daniel Kimonyi is an International Education Development student at the University of Pennsylvania. He taught English and Music for about three years in both public and private schools in his home country, Kenya. Daniel served as a Fulbright exchange student at the University of Pennsylvania, with a focus on teaching Swahili, his national language. He was also privileged to be selected as a 2016/2017 UNESCO scholar at the Graduate School of Education. His interests in the field of development include teacher training and the use of ICTs in developing contexts.

Shelby Nickel


Shelby Nickel is a M.S.Ed. student in the Higher Education Division program at the University of Pennsylvania. She has been an outdoor education professional for the last five years, focusing on youth leadership and marine conservation projects. Since graduating from the University of Hawai’i, Manoa in 2014, Shelby has worked in Gibraltar, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean. Her love for the outdoors, experiential education, and community service has led her to pursuing her master’s, bringing her talents to a university setting. Experiencing other cultures and leading conservation projects abroad has given her an insight into education in developing countries and has only driven her to learn and experience more.

Tom Miro

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Tom Miro is an M.S.Ed candidate at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. His family background is one of military service, and that drew him immediately to the focus area of Conflict and Post-Conflict Education. Beyond this interest in the Education issues around conflict, his areas of geographic interest are Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.